1. The Cape Clivia Club hosts the internet auction, introducing the buyer and the seller. It does not represent either and does not warrant the credentials of either, nor can it be held responsible for any misrepresentations by either.
  2. The Cape Clivia Club shall designate an Auction Administrator, whose decisions in respect of the auction shall be final.
  3. Before placing any bid a prospective bidder is required to register once-off in advance by following the prompts at the bottom of this page.
  4. The auction commences at 20:00 South African time and closes precisely 24 hours (or multiples thereof as determined by the Auction Administrator) later. The clock on the auction host’s computer shall be decisive.
  5. Bidding is in ZARands and the highest bid received electronically by the auction host by the close of the auction will be accepted provisionally, subject to verification by the Auction Administrator.
  6. Periodic system notification of the status of any bid is for information only and does not constitute advice or acceptance.
  7. A bidder’s highest bid remains irrevocable until 25 hours after the close of the auction, during which time it may be taken into account in awarding the successful bid.
  8. Individual provisional acceptance will be communicated electronically to the highest bidder by the Auction Administrator within 12 hours of the close of the auction.
  9. Any bidder feeling aggrieved at not receiving individual electronic notification of the provisional success of their bid, shall have only 24 hours from the close of the auction to lodge a fully motivated objection electronically with the Auction Administrator at
  10. Within 25 hours of the close of the auction the Auction Administrator shall electronically advise the provisionally successful bidder (a) that acceptance of their bid is confirmed, or (b) that the acceptance of their bid remains provisional pending the outcome of investigation and further electronic notification, or (c) that the provisional acceptance of their bid is overturned and their bid is rejected.
  11. Electronic confirmation of a bid previously acknowledged as provisionally successful, constitutes acceptance of the offer to buy at the highest price bid and further liaison with the buyer in respect of the transaction details, including payment and delivery, becomes the responsibility of the seller. The sum of the successful bid excludes packaging, delivery and phytosanitary certification, if applicable.
  12. The auction and sale will be deemed to have taken place in Cape Town and for the purposes of any litigation related to the sale by auction, the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court shall have jurisdiction, notwithstanding the value of the claim or other geographical considerations.

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